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Scientific research has shown the CBD may be therapeutic for many conditions including chronic pain, cancer, anxiety, alcoholism, diabetes, epilepsy, PTSD, sleep disorders, cardiovascular disease, antibiodic resistant infections and various neurological ailments.


What are the Health Benefits of CBD-Rich Hemp Oil?

• ANTIBACTERIAL: Kills bacteria growth
• ANTI-DIABETIC: Reduces blood sugar levels

• ANTI-ELLIPETIC: Reduces seizures and convulsions

• ANTI-INFLAMMITORY: Reduces inflammation

• ANTI-ISCHMEIC: Reduces risk of artery blockage

• ANTI-PROLIFERATIVE: Inhibits cell growth of cancer and tumors

• ANTI-PSORIATIC: Treats psoriasis
• ANTI-PSYCHOTIC: Tranquilizing, used to manage psychosis

• ANTI-SPASMOTIC: Suppresses muscle spasms
• Relieves anxiety

• Promotes bone growth

• Relieves pain

• Reduces function in the immune system

• Reduces contractions in the small intestine

• Protects nervous system degeneration

Benefits of CBD-Rich Oil Extract...


For Pain

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