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Watch the powerful film "Cereal Killers"
It will not only change the way to eat but the way you live your life.

8 Days and 8 Steps  Get into the best zone of your life!

Step 1:  2XKeto-OS A Day

Take your first serving of KETO//OS between 6-9am and your second serving between 1-4pm. (Make sure you build up to two servings per day — usually by the 3rd day you can start.)

Step 2: Drink More Water

Try to drink 1/2 to 1 ounce of water per lb of body weight. (Minimum 10 - 8oz glasses of water.)

Step 3: Eliminate Refined Sugars

Stay away from sugary foods and drinks. (No soft drinks)

Step 4:  Eliminate Flour, Wheat and Grains

No gluten — stick to leafy greens for sources of carbohydrates.

Step 5:  Increase Your Healthy Fats

Drink BulletPRUV (fat infused) tea or coffee in the morning. Eat more avacados, nuts, butter and coconut oil.

Step 6:  Have Your First Meal Between 11am - 1pm

Limit yourself to 100 grams of carbohydrates a day. Make them the healthy carbs - leafy greens are the best. If you are ambitious and want to use a KetoLife guide, here are the simple guidelines:

Stay Within a %Fat/Protien/Carb Ratio: 

Beginners/Athletes: 65% Fats/25% Protien/10% Carbs
Advanced KetoLife: 80% Fats/15% Protien/5% Carbs

Step 7:  Eat Your Last Meal Before 8pm

If you absolutely need to eat after, make sure it is fat only.

Step 8:  Move your Body More

Workout, run, walk, do push ups, take stairs, walk the golf course, etc.

BONUS: Get Some Good Sleep

Try to get to sleep before 11pm for eight days straight.


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