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Red-Light Therapy for Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkles

Led phototherapy for the face. LED lamp

What is Red-Light Therapy?

Red-Light Therapy also helps anti-aging skin rejuvenation by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin deep in the skin. This collagen Red-Light Therapy. in tum helps maintain and repair the vascular system, which then aids the removal of toxins from the skin and helps with anti-aging and wrinkle effects. The combination of these from the collagen Red-Light Therapy gives the skin a youthful look and really will make you look up to 10 years younger! 


Red-Light Therapy Can Help With:

• Wrinkles

• Stretch Marks

• Cellulite Reduction

• Rosacea and Pigmentation Marks

• Treating acne,

• Healing of wounds

• Scar Tissue Reduction
• Joint and Muscle Problems
• Weight Loss 

• Pain Relief
• sprains. wounds.

• Liver spots, and other skin blemishes 

Woman face, eye wrinkles before and afte
Sport woman injury at knee during joggin

Medical Conditions Aided By Heated Stone Mats

Heated Stone Mat Therapy

Our Heating Pads feature negative ions that are unscented, odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance every day in certain natural environments; just imagine mountains, springs, waterfalls, oceans, and beaches. Once they reach the cells in your bloodstream, negative ion therapy is believed to produce effective biochemical reactions helping to relieve your daily stress and alleviating your mood and depression, boosting your daytime energy, efficiency, immune system, and increasing your defense against infection or diseases.

What Conditions Does It Help?

• Poor blood circulation
• Stress and tension

• Back pain or muscle pain, stiffness, or spasms

• Migraine or tension headaches

• Depression, anxiety, and insomnia

• Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

• High blood pressure

• Bronchial asthma/COPD

• Arthritis

• Symptoms of chronic illnesses

Benefits of Negative Ion Therapy

Recovery from physical exhaustion 

Stabilizing brain function, relaxation and calmness..

Helping to relieve stress and alleviating your spirit and mood!

Blood purification - by increasing the levels of calcium and sodium in the blood stream

Strengthening the immune system by promoting production of globulins in the blood

Balancing the autonomic nervous system, increasing metabolism.

Promoting better digestion by helping ease tension in the stomach and intestines.

Cell rejuvenation, enhancing the vitality of muscle tissue and strengthening internal organs.

Can rejuvenate and revitalize all of the body’s systems and cells.

spa concept with orchid and stones.jpg

Natural Jade Emits Far-Infared Heat

Natural Jade Stones

Jade Stone emits Far-infrared when you pass other heat mediums through it. Our products are extremely effective and made with high-quality material. Natural Jade is extremely abundant and rich in its trace elements. Natural Jade stones are used for maximum heat transfer and penetration to your body. Because of its composition of special unique Jade stones, Jade is the most efficient natural heat absorber of all the semi-precious stones.

Natural green jade nephrite mineral ston

Benefits of Using Jade

• Ideal for beautification and health care, helps to fight sickness and disease

• Found to be helpful for kidney, heart, and stomach ailments

• Prevent intrusion of harmful substances to the body and improves immunity

• Shields from static and electromagnetic waves by releasing healthy far-infrared

• Produces negative ions which encourage the cells metabolism throughout your body.

• Jade stones are used for maximum heat penetration and transfer.

• One of the powerful healing stone, and it also purifies the body and spirit

• Historically, it had been used as ideal bedding for Kings (Chosen by Tang Dynasty)

Living Well Spa provides complimentary frankincense and myrrh custom resin extract blend with all red light thctrapy treatments.
All exclusive blends Created by Songwaters. 

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