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How Alcohol Affects Your Looks

Everyone knows that alcohol abuse results in damaging your health, but excessive drinking can ruin your looks too. Alcohol can make you look much older than you actually are. Women in particular are adversely affected by high sugar drinks. One binge effects your looks and blood sugar for 72 hours or more. Take Sharon Stone, for example, who quit drinking more than ten years ago and attributes her youthful look to cutting it out.

Below are just a few examples of how alcohol can negatively affect your looks:

Broken Veins - Even though it is a stereotype, alcoholics really can get red noses and redness on other parts of the face too. This is due to alcohol dilating and sometimes bursting the blood vessels that are close to the skin, causing the ugly red veins in the nose and cheeks. Other people can probably guess where those veins came from. This is not attractive in a man or a woman.

Bloating - Heavy drinking even in the short term can cause a bloated, puffy look in the face and an overall "hard" look to the face. It can also cause bloating in the stomach area. Bloating in both of these areas with heavy drinking is common.

Weight Gain - The research on weight gain is mixed, but alcohol does cause significant weight gain in some individuals. Dieting while you are drinking won't have the desired results.

Dry Skin - Alcohol dehydrates your body and skin because it blocks the release of anti-diuretic hormones, causing your kidneys to work overtime processing and removing too much water from your system. The drier your skin gets, the more wrinkles you will acquire.

Bloodshot Eyes - Alcohol can cause your eyes to be bloodshot around the clock, not just when you are drinking or hung over. The cause is alcohol inflames and enlarges the small blood vessels on the surface of your eyes.

Bruising and Scars - Heavy drinkers will be more prone to accidents and fighting, which will lead to the cuts, bruises, burns, and broken bones, and the scars that come with them.

Alcohol is metabolized through the liver, and the alcohol leaves your body by being excreted through sweat, urine, and breath. This is an odor that can be hard to cover. Women especially smell bad and become alcoholics in shorter periods of time then most men. Sometimes as often as a 4 month binge drinking period can result in life long alcoholism battle.This kind of toll is something you can't cure with a haircut or face cream. Excessive drinking can result in some or all of these conditions, at any age and regardless of sex, ultimately wiping out your good looks.

Definitely not the ending to the story most of us had in mind. Do you have a drinking problem? You can find what you need here:

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